Top 5 Wagyu Restaurants in the World

Wagyu is a type of cattle of bred in Japan and it’s beef is known for it’s superior marbling and tenderness. For those who have had wagyu beef, they can most certainly attest that it is these attributes that make it some of the best meat in the world. Wagyu is not only served in Japan, but all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of these restaurants that serve wagyu and talk about the different creative dishes these chefs serve up on a daily basis.

First we will start in the region of Japan that is home to the most famous strain of wagyu, Kobe. Kobe is a strain of wagyu that originated in the region and has very strict standards when it comes to raising cattle. Mouriya is one of the oldest restaurants in the region and gets their beef from a private farm that they have contracted to produce their steaks. They specialize in special occasions and offer many different cuts of wagyu from round steak to the finest filet that one could possibly find.

Next we will go to the fine food capital of world, New York City. NYC has plenty to offer when it comes to dinner with world class flavor, but if you are looking for a juicy succulent strip, you will need to head over to the financial district and visit Don Wagyu’s. Don Wagyu offers only 3 types of steaks but you can’t go wrong with any of them. They offer an American wagyu (cross bred American Black Angus cattle and Japanese Tajima), Miyazaki Wagyu and their specialty Ozaki(only 5 of these cattle are shipped to the U.S. each month and are exclusive to Don Wagyu’s).

Not to be outdone by their East Coast counterpart, Los Angeles has plenty to offer in the way of wagyu restaurants, but Yazawa in Beverly Hills stands out from the pack. They offer the highest quality Japanese steaks on the U.S. west coast and have an absolutely stunning dining room that will leave you not believing that you are still in America.

If you aren’t looking for a steak and bbq is your thing, you have to go to Killen’s BBQ in Houston, Texas. They are serving up juicy wagyu brisket with such a dynamite flavor that even places that are famous the world over for their brisket like Franklin in Austin are taking notice. Killen’s slow smokes the wagyu brisket and the meat literally melts in your mouth.

Finally we will head to the land down under for the best wagyu in Australia. Wagyuya offers up wagyu sushi for lunch and dinner. Their wagyu has some of the best marbling that you will ever find and the Japanese chefs at Wagyuya will not settle for anything less.

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There are excellent wagyu restaurants all over the world that each offer their creative spin on this wonderful beef. If you are in the mood for the tastiest and juiciest beef in the world, be sure to visit one of these 5 best wagyu restaurants.